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Potential2lettings are an established property letting agents covering a wide ranging area including Liverpool, Wirral, Ellesmere Port and Chester. We specialise in residential lettings and property management and we have over 12 years combined experience in the local lettings market. Our team of professional letting agents and property managers will work with you to ensure a smooth, professional and rewarding relationship.

17 Jul

Chester- Struggling with property yields?

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Tuesday 17th July 2018

I wrote in my last article comparing different parts of Chester within which to invest. Investors may choose to invest in a location for a number of factors, yield should always be an important factor as capital appreciation is less certain and potentially more volatile. Yield, yield, yield Chester is a very good place to […]

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5 Jul

Chester- How much is the average property price in different parts of Chester?

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Thursday 5th July 2018

Chester house prices are continuing to perform well. The average price of a property now stands at £242,822 (Source, Rightmove 03072018). However investors and landlords are always keen to know, how this relates to whatever part of Chester they choose to invest. So let’s look at the following locations to see how your property fares: […]

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25 Jun

Recent legislation changes affecting Landlords- The Reregulation Act 2015

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Monday 25th June 2018

The full affects of the above act, are now well under way. The name of the legislation would perhaps make you think it has nothing to do with landlords, however it really does. In increasingly fraught times for landlords, it’s very important you understand how this relates to regaining possession of your property, especially where […]

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12 Jun

Converting Commercial to Residental (Pro’s and con’s)

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Tuesday 12th June 2018

This is becoiming increasingly common, as landlords look to protect themselves from government policies which have been reducing profit margins.There are some good solid reasons for doing this. I list the main 7 below. Yields are typically a lot higher (as generally you are dealing with much bigger units). Planning permission will often not be […]

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26 May

Converting commercial property to residential…Where to start?

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Saturday 26th May 2018

As you drive around your city, looking at disused former pubs and other buildings, you might be missing a trick. There are lots opportunities in such buildings to realise high cash flowing assets. And sometimes you will not require planning permission to convert and even when you do require it, as the governments National  Poilcy […]

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11 May

Section 24- The biggest change to landlords for a generation has already started!

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Friday 11th May 2018

Most landlords use mortgages to invest in property. And if you do use mortgages to invest in property, this article may well be of interest to you. The backdrop is that, the goverment announced in the Finance Act 2015 (section 24) that mortgage interest would no longer be a fully deductible expense from a tax […]

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28 Apr

What is Asset Management?

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Saturday 28th April 2018

This is a term you hear lots of those in the corporate (big players) world speak of. Could they really be talking about your little two up two on Acacia street??? Well, yes they are actually. You have an assest and you need that asset properly managed. However you should not confuse property management and […]

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28 Apr

EPC’S Have Just Become More Important Than Ever

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Saturday 28th April 2018

EPC ratings, who cares? So long as you have one, no one really cares do they? Well on 01/04/2018 the law changed and it became illegal for anyone to rent a property with an EPC rating of E or lower. The knock on consequences will be that if you want to take a mortgage on […]

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23 Apr

Getting More Rent At The End Of A Tenancy

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Monday 23rd April 2018

In law you as a landlord have to follow certain procedures and guidelines to ensure you are always being fully compliant in the eyes of the law. This means if you wish to obtain possession of your property, you have issue the correct information in the correct format. Equally, if a tenant wishes to bring […]

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17 Nov

Why landlords need to invest in boiler maintenance

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Tuesday 17th November 2015

As a landlord, you will have many safety regulations that you need to meet. But, being a landlord is more than just about ticking boxes. Landlords take the health and safety of their tenants seriously – or the majority of reputable landlords do. But, the comfort of your tenants is just as important. Looking after […]

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