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17 Nov

Why landlords need to invest in boiler maintenance

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Tuesday 17th November 2015

Potential 2 Lettings - Tenancy AgreementAs a landlord, you will have many safety regulations that you need to meet. But, being a landlord is more than just about ticking boxes.
Landlords take the health and safety of their tenants seriously – or the majority of reputable landlords do. But, the comfort of your tenants is just as important. Looking after the people who pay the rent is one thing but the bricks and mortar is an important asset too. If the fabric of the building is allowed to crumble and crumble, you are in effect, allowing your investment to dwindle away. Dwindwling assests = dwindwling money= less money for your retirment.

There are many things that you can do to invest in your property, as well as look after you tenants. Providing them with a reliable source of heat is just one of them and so, opting for both a modern boiler and regular servicing from engineers such as Evans Energy Solutions is one of them.

A legal requirement

Under the Gas Safety (installation and Use) Regulations 1998, it is the landlord’s responsibility that each of their properties rented to tenants must have a current gas safety certificate. This is just one of many annual checks that needs to be performed, the other being the electrical safety checks. A recent law in England, the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015 is another.

But the gas safety check is not a case of someone turning up and looking at the boiler. It must be carried out by a gas safe registered engineer or company and there are certain aspects that need to be checked and ensured for safety:

  • Pipework, appliances and flues must be in a safe condition. Anything deemed unsafe must be repaired or replaced. Gas appliances also need to be serviced, and done so on an annual basis.
  • Gas safety checks must be completed on every let property that you won on a 12-month basis and a record of these checks accurately maintained.
  • As a landlord you need to keep these checks safe but, you also need to share them with your tenant within 28 days of the check being carried out, or given to them as they move in to the property.
  • You must keep copies of these checks for a minimum of two years.

Fail to do any of this and you could be faced with a hefty fine or even imprisonment. It applies to property even if it let out for only a short period of time, such as holiday lets as well as caravans, chalets, narrow boats and so on.

Peace of mind

Of course, these legal requirements are about keeping tenants safe, as well as protecting landlords too. But peace of mind is also important and even if a gas safety check was not a legal requirement, most landlords agree they would still have an annual check and inspection of the boiler at a rental property.

We have all read the tragic stories of fatalities as a result of unsafe gas appliances giving off carbon monoxide fumes or build of gas causing catastrophic explosions. The sad fact is that a lot of these incidents could have been avoided if the gas appliances had been checked and serviced annually.

Just like the boiler in your own property, an annual service will mean that it runs more efficiently and should avoid too many breakdowns. All this of course makes for happier tenants but happier landlords too, as you won’t be receiving phone calls in the dead of night complaining that there is no heat or hot water.

Longer term

In the long run, a well-maintained boiler not only works better and is more efficient but also lasts longer.

For example, you may have invested in a new efficient boiler that makes your property a far more energy efficient one. You have new tenants moving in but you want to safeguard this investment; after all, it makes sense.

Just like boiler maintenance and servicing in your own property, an annual service can in the long run, means that the boiler lasts longer. Parts can be changed as and when needed; the system can also be flushed to promote a better, more uniform heat in the property with no cold spots and generally, everything in terms of the boiler runs far smoother.

Looking after people and assets

Regular boiler and gas safety checks may be a legal requirement for landlords, but many people view it as being something more than this.

It is about protecting the tenants – after all, their rent should be invested back in the property – but also protecting your investment in the property too. There are advantages for the tenant too; as well as peace of mind they will also enjoy the maximum efficiency from a boiler, with very few problems or breakdowns.

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