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19 May

The Value of Relationships

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Saturday 19th May 2018

This week we have had a couple of examples of why it pays to always act in a decent manner with whoever you are dealing with. When I say decent manner I mean doing the right thing and not necessarily the thing that might make you the most money in a short sited/short termist way.

Example 1.

A contractor who we had recently started to use, met me on site at a property to discuss a new job. We got into a long conversation, the main part of which was him discussing his frustation with a fellow letting agent as they were always paying him late. He said we were his best payers. I was happy with the compliment but even happier when he said he had recomended us to another landlady he worked for!

Example 2.

We started recently using another EPC consultant. When we initIally spoke on the phone, he gave me a price of £70 + Vat for an EPC. He seemed surprised when I without hesitatoion agreed to this price. Whilst this was more than we normally pay, I needed the job doing and quite frankly it wasn’t as if I felt I was being ripped off…..obviously we always need to guard against individuals who charge too much and don’t deliver!

Already we have built a good relationship and he has given me some really good advice. And guess what he has also recommended us to another client of his!!

Business is always that much easier when you work with other good professionals, professionals who understand the value in each other and will want in turn for each other to succeed!!

Happy investing.


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