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17 Apr

Liverpool Property Rental Agencies

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Friday 17th April 2015

Liverpool Property Rental Agencies 

The success of your rental business depends on choosing the right lettings agency. There are many Liverpool property rental agencies but they are certainly not all the same when it comes to quality of service. If you are a landlord looking for the best management of rental properties in Liverpool then check out Potential 2 Lettings.

Some other Liverpool property rental agencies are just interested in earning a quick buck and will set you up with the first tenant that comes along. Potential 2 Lettings offers a letting only service concentrating on finding the right tenant for you.  Before anything is finalised tenants will be thoroughly vetted. This gives you the best possible chance of having a reliable, trustworthy tenant inhabiting your property. They also ensure that all sides have the correct paperwork and will provide landlords with copies of all documents.

Real Experience….You’re in Safe Hands

When it comes to the management of your rental properties in Liverpool Potential 2 Lettings excels here as well. Over the years, whilst growing their extensive portfolio, they have found the best contractors to work with. This means if any work needs doing on your property a trusted contractor will be called out to do any repairs. You can also contact them 24 hours a day on an emergency number when any damage occurs.

Another thing to consider when trying to find a property management company in Liverpool is the way they deal with DSS payments. A DSS tenant will be someone claiming some sort of benefit such as unemployment benefit or income support.  These people will have their rent paid by Social Security. Some Liverpool property management companies wait for the money to go straight to the tenant so that they can then pay the rent. However, this means relying on the tenant to then use that money for the correct purposes.

Although many DSS tenants are trustworthy and make regular payments there are some that will squander rent money which leaves the landlord out of pocket. The difference between these other Liverpool property rental agencies and Potential 2 Lettings is that they have a dedicated DSS team. This team works to get the money paid directly to the landlord; so no more missed payments! Potential 2 Lettings tenants often rent properties for over 3 years so are a reliable source of income.

Regular Inspections

Instead of occasional inspections that consist of not much more than a cursory glance, Potential 2 Lettings take inspections seriously. They carry out thorough inspections ever quarter with detailed inspection reports going to the landlord at the end of the year. Landlords are also provided with a comprehensive inventory of furniture and fittings. This dedication to keeping your property in top condition is just one of the things that set them apart from some of the other companies dealing with property management in Liverpool.

A landlord wants a company that will not only find the appropriate tenants but be there for you when you need them. For a top quality Liverpool property management service, the only place to go is Potential 2 Lettings.

Thanks for reading, Jon Bieri

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