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20 Oct

Insight Into The Liverpool property market

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Tuesday 20th October 2015

The Liverpool property market is a far cry from the catastrophic lows of the 1980’s. It is very much a property market on the up.

In the 1980’s people were leaving the city in droves, the city centre resembled a bomb site and Henry Enfield was famously mocking us with his ‘calm down’ sketches (google it if you are unsure of the image!).

Then something miraculous happened, we were given Objective One status from the EU. Since then over 2 Billion in funding has flowed in from this source.

This was the catalyst which has helped transform the Liverpool property market. I’m from Liverpool, so I have seen at the first hand this transformation.

A property market will rise or fall depending on how well the local economy performs, put simply the stronger the local economy the stronger the property market. The Liverpool property market is no different.

Once a city’s economy begins to ‘buzz’, as night follows day, the property market will also begin to buzz.  What’s the evidence that the Liverpool economy is buzzing?

    1. Liverpool is the ‘go to’ place.Liverpool is now the 5th most popular tourist destination in the UK that people from around the world want to visit!


    1. A city of scholars!
      It has three fantastic Universities, year on year the number of students coming to the city is increasingly. They all have money to spend, and they all need places to live! Liverpool has over 50,000 students!


    1. Big ticket events, which attract world wide attention! For example….
      • The giant event, which commemorated 100 years since WW1 (over 1 million visitors
      • The three Queens event (1.3 million visitors)
      • The Maritime celebrations, celebrating 175 years since 1st passenger cruiser from city
      • The International business festival  (it involved 92 countries from all over the world)


    1. Big Infrastructure investments continue
      Liverpool2, this is Peel holdings development of deep water container terminal. It doesn’t sound like much but it is expected to add 5 billion to the local economy!
      Liverpool turnaround terminal, this has allowed cruise liners to dock in the city and unlocked the spending potential of all those aboard!


    1. Business Confidence!
      The latest Liverpool Business Survey only echoes the positive business sentiment in the city. From the 850 firms that participated, 82% believe that Liverpool as a city will grow over the next five years; whilst 58% feel that their own business will developThis is no real surprise though when you consider Liverpool is the second fastest growing city in terms of the digital economy.


So yes the Liverpool economy is buzzing and now it’s time for the Liverpool property market to buzz too. The signs are there already.

But Liverpool still has a lot of catching up to do, which may suggest this is very much the right time to invest in the Liverpool property market. Liverpool still has not reached the peak levels it was at in 2007.

George Osbourne, talks about the Northern Power House and Liverpool is a big part of this.

When you consider all the above, you too may consider Liverpool of the best places to invest in buy to let in the UK.

Deciding where to invest is half the battle. The investment market in Liverpool is varied. See my other posts for a more detailed analysis of the different investment markets and properties in Liverpool such as Rental Property Investment In Liverpool.

And ensure you have the right person and/or company on hand to correctly manage your investment property in Liverpool. Think about this before you invest not after!

Jon Bieri

Full time property investor and owner of Potential2lettings

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