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Potential2lettings are an established property letting agents covering a wide ranging area including Liverpool, Wirral, Ellesmere Port and Chester. We specialise in residential lettings and property management and we have over 12 years combined experience in the local lettings market. Our team of professional letting agents and property managers will work with you to ensure a smooth, professional and rewarding relationship.

14 Oct

Houses in Ellesmere Port, Are You The Right Tenant?

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Wednesday 14th October 2015

We are constantly getting asked for houses in Ellesmere Port. The demand for houses in Ellesmere port is sky high. As both a private landlord and letting agents in Ellesmere Port, we have houses for rent in Ellesmere port. And you will be pleased to know, you don’t always need a massive deposit!

What kind of tenants are we after?

We understand how expensive houses for rent in Ellesmere Port can be. Our approach is more flexible than most other letting agents in Ellesmere Port….we feel we have the flexibility of a private landlord but with the professionalism of a letting agent. What we value most is your record as a tenant. If you know you have previously been a good tenant, we look very favourably upon your application. If you have not looked after your previous houses in Ellesmere Port, there is no point in applying to us.

Most of our tenants tend to stay long terms, so again if you are looking for a long term house, we will probably be the right letting agents  in Ellesmere port for you. This is because we look after our tenants and properties.

Housing benefit it also accepted on most of our houses for rent in Ellesmere Port.

We will also accept tenants who have pets. Again this is so long as there have not been any issues at houses you have previously rented.

Smokers can also apply!

What kind of houses in Ellesmere Port do we have?

Most of our properties tend to be terraced houses, although we do have some other properties with gardens. Usually there is only on street parking.

All of our properties are well maintained and when your report an issue to us, you can be sure we will not forget about you! The vast majority of our houses are fully double glazed and have combi boilers and we pride ourselves that none of our houses have any damp issues.

How to apply for our houses in Ellesmere Port

It’s very straightforward and there is no cost to apply! We only ever take a fee off you, if you are successful in applying for the property.

  1. You ring us up, we ask you some questions, we arrange a viewing
  2. We meet you at the property and provide you with an application form, a very simple application form
  3. You return the application form, no charge
  4. We carry out our checks
  5. We inform you of the decision
  6. If we say yes, we take a holding fee (until you move in) and we agree a move in date
  7. You move in and pay the balance of monies* we carry out our ‘checkin’, ensuring you are happy with everything

Hopefully you can see why we are the easiest letting agent in Ellesmere port for you to rent a house from. We are not like most other letting agents in Ellesmere Port.

Thanks for reading. Potential2Lettings, letting agents covering Ellesmere Port, Liverpool and Chester

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