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Potential2lettings are an established property letting agents covering a wide ranging area including Liverpool, Wirral, Ellesmere Port and Chester. We specialise in residential lettings and property management and we have over 12 years combined experience in the local lettings market. Our team of professional letting agents and property managers will work with you to ensure a smooth, professional and rewarding relationship.

23 Apr 18

Getting More Rent At The End Of A Tenancy

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Monday 23rd April 2018

In law you as a landlord have to follow certain procedures and guidelines to ensure you are always being fully compliant in the eyes of the law. This means if you wish to obtain possession of your property, you have issue the correct information in the correct format. Equally, if a tenant wishes to bring […]

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6 Apr 18

Property Damage & Rent Arrears….More Common?

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Friday 6th April 2018

In March 2017, a report from the NLA found that 37% of landlords had experienced arrears in the previous 12 months and 31% had property damaged. Does this mean tenants are worse than they used to be? I don’t personally think tenants are any worse than in the past, so what accounts for the ‘high’ […]

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5 Apr 18

Make More Money From Your Property Rental

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Thursday 5th April 2018

If you think cutting corners is the right way to increase profits on your rental property, think again. Investing in your property is key to increasing your profits. This investment should be a constant activity, however when every tenant leaves you or your letting agent needs to undertake a full review of the property to […]

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17 Nov 15

Why landlords need to invest in boiler maintenance

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Tuesday 17th November 2015

As a landlord, you will have many safety regulations that you need to meet. But, being a landlord is more than just about ticking boxes. Landlords take the health and safety of their tenants seriously – or the majority of reputable landlords do. But, the comfort of your tenants is just as important. Looking after […]

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3 Nov 15

To Own Or Rent

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Tuesday 3rd November 2015

Today we have an info-graphic from our friends over at the UK Insurance Net, We have shared this content with you because its relevant to see what is occurring in the market with first time buyers and the rise in private landlords. It’s also interesting to see the growth property has had since last year. […]

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3 Nov 15

How To Retire with £70,000

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Tuesday 3rd November 2015

Do you have £70,000 to invest and want to quit your JOB? We have produced an info graphic explaining exactly how to invest £70,000 into property and retire from your JOB with just 4 properties. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post. Disclaimer Potential 2 […]

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20 Oct 15

Insight Into The Liverpool property market

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Tuesday 20th October 2015

The Liverpool property market is a far cry from the catastrophic lows of the 1980’s. It is very much a property market on the up. In the 1980’s people were leaving the city in droves, the city centre resembled a bomb site and Henry Enfield was famously mocking us with his ‘calm down’ sketches (google […]

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14 Oct 15

Houses in Ellesmere Port, Are You The Right Tenant?

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Wednesday 14th October 2015

We are constantly getting asked for houses in Ellesmere Port. The demand for houses in Ellesmere port is sky high. As both a private landlord and letting agents in Ellesmere Port, we have houses for rent in Ellesmere port. And you will be pleased to know, you don’t always need a massive deposit! What kind […]

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1 Oct 15

Reducing Landlord Portfolio Insurance Costs

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Thursday 1st October 2015

Landlords are very much on the government’s radar in terms of increasing the taxes (both direct and indirect) that they have to pay. Letting agents should not just be a rent collection service, we also need to be pro active when it comes to reducing the overall costs landlords face in regards to insurance on […]

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11 Sep 15

Property Investment Infographic

Written by Jon Bieri - Director on Friday 11th September 2015

Here we have an info-graphic from Stoke Surveyors. They kindly allowed us to share this info-graphic that shows you a snapshot of the growth in the property market and puts the realisation into the prices. We hope you find this content useful, we did and it helped validate that investing in property is one of […]

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